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Green Cleaning Service: Estate Cleaning

It is a sad and difficult time when a loved one has passed away. We provide cleaning services that ease the emotional trauma associated with having to sort and clean out personal belongings to prepare the house in order to sell, lease or move into the home.

Our Long Island Deceased Estate Cleaning Services include: Free estimate and assessment. All packing supplies such as boxes, wrap, tape, bags. House Cleaning including all rooms: cob webs, top to bottom dusting, wiping walls, vacuuming ceilings to carpets (carpet cleaning when requested), cleaning inside closets and cabinets and anything else that needs cleaning. Disposal of unwanted goods; any items that can be donated to charities, will be and anything else will be disposed of. All valuable items that you would like to keep, can be packed, labeled and organized for you; this allows you to sort through them when you are ready to. All personal papers are put together in a separate box for easy access. We can accommodate special requests, just ask during our estimate appointment.